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6 components of a successful sales compensation plan

There are many great reasons to be in sales as opposed to, say, HR or marketing. None are as compelling as the commission plan. Of all the roles in a company, salespeople are the employees whose financial rewards are most closely tied to their individual performance. Despite having lower base salaries than most of their […]
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Four Key Qualities of Top Sales Professionals

Salespeople are the backbone of your business because they bring in customers and clients. However, sales is the perfect career for the right person, and a terrible choice for the wrong person. To help you hire, retain, and train the right people for your sales department, check out these four traits that make a great […]
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Nine Steps Strategy for Recruiting Sales Talent

Step 1: Knowing the right time to hire The backbone of any successful sales hiring strategy requires team leaders to hire sales reps at the right time. Before beginning the hiring process, it’s crucial that you are up to date with the latest trends and patterns both in the sales world at large and within […]
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Sales Recruiting Strategies for VC Funded Start-Ups

Sales talent acquisition strategies have changed, but many businesses still go about hiring in a traditional way, such as collecting applications on a job posting. Today’s recruiters use new skills to attract the right candidates, especially when it comes to sales. PE firms and Venture Capitalists who want their funded businesses to be successful know […]
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Five Key Advantages of a Diverse Sales Force

The internet has empowered customers with limitless information and opened up new markets for businesses. A diverse sales team is among the best ways to stay competitive inthis changing landscape. Read on to uncover the benefits of a diverse workforce. 1. Attract More Talent Modern firms are in cutthroat competition for the best talent. If […]
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Mitigating Sales Team Turnover Through Better Recruiting Strategy

Effective sales recruiting strategies start with a well-defined Sales Success Profile based on objective performance criteria. Here’s how to consistently identify, attract and retain candidates with the talent and experience to become high performers. As a sales manager, it’s pretty frustrating when you spend a significant amount of time and energy coaching and developing someone […]
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7 Reasons Why Recruitment Process Speed Matters

Today is a candidate market, they are in demand and they are dictating speed. Speed to find them, speed throughout the interview process and speed to offer a job. With candidates applying and interviewing to multiple jobs, the longer you deliberate, the more likely you are to lose a top candidate to a competitor.  As […]
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