Executive Search

Proven Sales & Marketing Leaders Drive Culture Change & Growth

Transform Your Sales Force

Appoint a Sales Leader Who Can Drive Revenues & Culture Change

Execute Sales Expansions

Penetrate & Grow New Markets With a Leader Who Has Done it Before

Sales Recruit Partners understand these commercial imperatives and since forming in 2004, we continue to refine and innovate solutions with one aim in mind, to help organisations reach their sales potential. 

Our proven five-phase executive search process has been refined over 17 years, through contact client feedback, best-practice talent acquisition strategies and a focus on what our clients engage us for, the pursuit of revenue growth.

Whether you’re looking for your first sales leader or proactively preparing a planned change, Sales Recruit Partners accelerates the hiring process and deliver sales & marketing leaders with proven experience building high-performance sales teams and driving sales growth.

The Sales Recruit Advantage

Tactical Approach

Strategically planned, highly resourced and laser targeted headhunting process

Compensation Benchmarking

Comparative industry compensation & incentives benchmarking analysis & advice

Opportunity Prospectus

Professional designed opportunity prospectus and EVP statement to entice top sales leaders.

Research & Resourcing

Dedicated research team. We perform exhaustive market mapping and long listing for each search

Background Checks

In-house and third party pre-employment & qualification background checks

Professionals Assessments

Complementary cognitive, behavioral, emotional intelligence & leadership assessments

Non-Solicitation Policy

We contractually commit to never solicit sales leaders placed into our client organisations

Speed to Market

Shortlist of up to six qualified executive-level candidates delivered in 30 days

12 Month Guarantee

Industry leading 12 month replacement guarantee extendable to 18 months.
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